Welcome to Real World Made Easy

Given the endless resources and limited time in our busy lives, wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed to know was located in one place? Look no further: welcome to Real World Made Easy.

Real World Made Easy simplifies your learning by offering a one-stop-shop for the most important real-world knowledge. In other words, this site includes information that everyone should know and what you should prioritize to understand. Tailored to people of all ages, not just recent graduates, Real World Made Easy answers the most important questions you’ll have related to personal finance and critical lifestyle topics. As opposed to most of your educational resources in these areas, we provide a knowledge focus, rather than an advice focus, which will rid you of your reliance on biased authors and provide you the capacity to make rational decisions yourselves. And we’ll try to make it fun with some humor along the way.

What’s the Problem?

The real world can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a recent graduate or approaching retirement, there are seemingly endless things you need to know. Without knowledge of these areas—retirement accounts, paying off debt, investing, taxes, credit, insurance, buying a home, basic car/home maintenance, the legal system, emergency situations, first aid and so forth—you’re at a huge disadvantage in life. But who has enough time to find and read all the resources to master these areas? And how do you even know what you need to know before it’s too late?

Schools generally exclude these critical topics from their required curriculum, leaving most of us, if we’re lucky, to learn much of our real-world knowledge from family and friends. Making matters worse, people as a whole abandon basic knowledge, casting it aside as something too complicated and time-consuming to warrant priority. Futures, bonds, tax deductions, jumpstarting a car, fixing a running toilet, performing CPR…ask yourself, how much do I really know? We put so much focus on our everyday lives and careers that we lose sight of the basic terminology and background needed to make a smart decision. It’s a knowledge prioritization epidemic.

The Solution

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to be an expert in all these areas to still make smart decisions. All you need is a strong foundational knowledge—one that will set you up for success now and allow you to deepen your knowledge later. That’s where this blog comes in, providing a one-stop-shop of must-know information that is efficient and surmountable, prioritized in a manner that saves you time and effort.

We’ll organize the blogs by category so you can reference material on an as-needed basis. Hope you enjoy!


    1. Amy – Topics not specific to personal finance will include car safety & maintenance, home safety & maintenance, economics, traveling, legal system, political process, health emergencies and worst case scenarios, among others. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you think I’m missing a key topic.

    1. Ted – Thank you for the comment. While I agree most of this information can be found in various sources that exist today, I think all the new forms of communication in our digital age make maintaining an audience’s attention more difficult than ever. To get key messages across these days, we need to prioritize and consolidate information into a limited number of resources. Whether it’s Google, books or even classes, current resources typically give you information overload in one respective area, most of which you will forget over time. You’ll undoubtedly need to make other Google searches, read other books and take other classes. Each of these resources is inefficient from a practical standpoint, and few of us are capable of devoting time and effort to multiple outlets.

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